Episode 27: The Idea of Order at Bristol

Sheely, Stokes, and Wrather consider the strange domestic tragedy and stranger sex-farce of Sid’s family.

Ryan Sheely, Jordan Stokes, and Matthew Wrather discuss Skins series 2 episode 3, focusing on the strange domestic tragedy and stranger sex-farce of Sid’s family, nationalism, Sid’s likability, gender politics and agency, and the role of music in Skins.

There will be no spoiler warnings and there will be many naughty words. If either of those things bothers you, don’t click!

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2 Comments on “Episode 27: The Idea of Order at Bristol”

  1. Chatworth Osborne Jr. #



  2. Timothy J Swann #

    Glad to see you talk about the song – it is a strangely emotional moment, and the key difference with the rest of the music is that a) not Hoppipolla (which apparently is over-used in the show) and b) the first experience of that song to most of the Skins audience. People downloaded it for the first time and the like after that episode.


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