Open Thread for July 23, 2010

Angelina Jolie in Salt, San Diego Comic-Con, Mad Men S4 and the week ending July 23, 2010.

Good morning, Overthinkers! Man, has this month been flying by! And how about that weather, am I right? Say, did you hear about Debbie in Marketing?

In movie news: Inception is tops in both the U.S. and British box office, fulfilling the old adage about how much summer audiences love introspective studies of consciousness metaphors. It may face some competition this week from Salt, an Angelina Jolie action-thriller about a woman accused of spying for the Russians. Is it too late to make a joke about those Russian “spies” (and I use the term loosely) whom the U.S. just deported? That moment’s passed? Damn.


You're under arrest for Beyond Borders, Taking Lives and Life Or Something Like It.

Our West Coast fans are no doubt living it up at the San Diego Comic-Con. Attendees can get some glimpses of the upcoming Green Lantern movie, TRON: Legacy, some Deathly Hallows props and America’s whitest people wearing Star Wars costumes.


Some of the worst New Moon costumes I've ever seen.

And finally, this weekend marks the return of Mad Men, debuting its fourth season on AMC. Season 3 ended with some tumultuous changes in the lives of the Drapers and the rest of the Sterling Cooper family. Will characters emote fiercely in tan-colored rooms this season? Or will they repress their emotions as an allegory for social upheaval? Tune in Sunday and find out!


SPOILER ALERT: These two go tomcatting.

Would Betty Draper dress up as Angelina Jolie if she attended this year’s Comic-Con? Or is there something we missed? Sound off in the comments, for this is your … open thread.

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  1. Bob #

    I saw Inception last night. It was fantastic. I knew I wanted to see the movie, but what pushed it from “I’m going to see this in theaters” to “I’m going to see this in theaters RIGHT NOW” because I couldn’t listen to your last cast without watching it! Lol. But seriously, if it was good enough to have an entire earnest overthinking, I knew it was for me.

    Comic Con – I’m currently working about a 5 minute car ride from the San Diego Convention Center and passed by many people coming home from the Con last night on my way to Inception. I went last year to a good time and would’ve gone this year if I remembered to purchase tickets before they sold out. It is odd because last year I didn’t go to a single panel (I can sit at home and enjoy it more) but still enjoyed the show. It is like the phenomenon of going to a sporting event – it is better to watch it at home as you can see the players and get more information on what is going on (Replays, stats, etc) but yet its still fun to go to the game.

    Mad Men – this is ineffable for me. I caught up with this show midway through last season. I find this show immensely watchable (I gobbled up the first 3 seasons in about 10 days while working two jobs) but I don’t think I ever thought “Wow, this is a good show.” I can’t wait to watch it on Sunday, but I know it won’t be on my top ten shows of a dreadful summer week.


    • Megan from Lombard #

      I heard about that yesterday and let out a loud ‘SQUEE’ :D


  2. Gab #

    Not sure if this is quite a “Well, ACTUALLY” moment, but there are no official _Twilight Saga_ promotions at SDCC this year. Whew.

    “A Very Potter Sequel” premiered today. Its predecessor, “A Very Potter Musical,” went kind of viral in the Harry Potter fan community last year.

    Oh, and the “Reply” feature for comments is pretty nice (this is the open thread, so we can talk about that here, yeah?). What does all of the HTML code at the bottom mean?


      • Gab #

        Oh, I understand that far, I just can’t tell where each tag begins and ends, nor what each one means/does. I’ll look it up or something, though. Sorry.


  3. Trevor #

    Angelina Jolie has gotten to the point where, no matter what character she’s playing in any given movie, you can’t forget that she’s Angelina Jolie. Leo DiCaprio, on the other hand, went from being “Leo” to “the best actor of his generation” after starring in the biggest movie of all time. It’s interesting how sometimes fame colors our ability to suspend disbelief about one actor/actress but actually enables the ability to do so for another. Just thought I’d say that.


    • kittiquin #

      I’ve actually always found Leo a bit interminable, and I figure this is due to his “persona” rather than his abilities. He’s too recognizable, and I already have too many preconceptions about him.

      Then again, maybe it is his abilities. (Note: I haven’t seen Inception yet.) He always seems to be doing his “I am a serious actor” face. “Look at me narrow my eyes! I am squinting! Because I am such a serious actor.” It started after Titanic, when he became a “heart throb” and had to get his serious actor cred back.

      Polls have indicated that I am the only person who feels this way.


  4. EVDebs #

    So I go away to Europe for two months and come back, looking forward to the live feed of the podcast, since it’s now timezone-friendly for me again.

    But I think I’ve discovered that you’ve given up the live podcast. Am I right (not that I can blame you….Ustream seemed unbelievably buggy)?


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      You are, alas, correct. We’re sorry—after a number of spectacular and spectacularly frustrating failures, we decided to cut our losses. We’re looking for a better way, it just may take a little while.


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