Choose Your Overthought Adventure

Revisit your favorite literary classic as a Choose Your Own Adventure.

Inspired by yesterday’s post on the literary significance of Choose Your Own Adventure novels, our own Mark Lee decided to revisit some significant historical adventures:



How about you, Overthinkers? Do you have a love of the classics and a copy of Photoshop? Submit your own Choose Your Overthought Adventure in one of the following ways:

  • Upload it to your own image-hosting site (Flickr, Photobucket, your own site) and post the link in the comments; or
  • E-mail it to the editors.

Join in the fun! Uncover the mystery! Choose from two possible endings!

Update: in lieu of a Photoshop cover, we will accept a (written) sample page from the book, with some appropriate choices of where to turn to at the end. But be creative!

9 Comments on “Choose Your Overthought Adventure”

  1. Simber #

    Sorry, no time for Photoshop mr Jones.
    Just some ideas:

    Ulysses by James Joyce:
    Choose from two different characters and 18 interlocking stories! Choose your own writing style, colors, motifs and themes!

    If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler by Italo Calvino:
    You, the reader, are the star of the story! Choose from nine different beginnings!

    The New Testament:
    Jesus is the star of four possible stories! Find the similarities! Bicker over the differences with your friends!

    etc. etc.


  2. Gab #

    Alack, alas, if only I had Photoshop and the skills with which to use it.

    1984: Let Big Brother do the thinking for you!

    The Origin of Species: Choose to be an animal OR the scientist observing them and find out what happens after centuries of adaptation!

    Hamlet: To be, or not to be?

    Alice in Wonderland: Just how curious and hungry are you?

    A Tale of Two Cities: Choose whether you’re in the best of times or the worst of times- what could be far, far better?

    I can’t think of a snazzy tagline for it, but really, given how often it comes up in conversation on this site: Paradise Lost

    This could occupy me for much too long. Stopping (for) now.


    • perich OTI Staff #

      @Gab and @Simber: we have expanded the contest to include text entries! See the original post for details.


  3. dock #

    I couldnt find a link, but theres a great Choose Your Own Adventure ZOMBIE MOVIE online somewhere. I played it once not too long ago. You start out in a house that is being overrun by zombies and have to find your way to safety. Its short, but definetly great.


  4. Tom #


    You walk into the room, and Alena the money-lender is there. You hold the axe in your hands and approach her.

    If you believe that you are above the mere dictates of human morality, turn to page 14.

    If you decide to conform your behavior to the standards of civilized society, turn to page 83.

    PAGE 83

    Come on, what are you? Chicken?

    Turn to page 14.


  5. stokes OTI Staff #

    Choose you own Waiting For Godot Adventure!

    You are standing beneath a tree with your friend Estragon. Godot has not come today, but perhaps he will come tomorrow. On the other hand, you’re getting pretty tired of waiting.

    ‘We could go,’ says Estragon.

    To go, turn to page 38.

    PAGE 38

    You do not go.


  6. Hazbaz #

    To Reign in Hell, turn to page 261
    To Serve in Heaven, turn to page 690

    Page 261:
    Here you may reign secure.


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