Episode 74: Humping That Piano Key

The Overthinkers totally had a plan when they started this one. They swear.

Matthew Wrather hosts with Peter Fenzel and Mark Lee. They totally had a plan when they started this one. They swear. They do manage to touch on Twilight: New Moon, Thanksgiving pop culture revelations, Christian Reality Shows, and Ninja Assasin. Along the way, some other stuff comes up, like how to market amateur theatricals and whether eating less makes you live longer.

For extra fun, play the Overthinking It Podcast drinking game.

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7 Comments on “Episode 74: Humping That Piano Key”

  1. Tom #

    Shouldn’t it have been Overthanking It this week?

    My Thanksgiving pop culture moment was when, while watching the Avatar trailer, I heard a character say, “You’re not in Kansas anymore!” This gives me a very, very strong suspicion that Avatar will be terrible; that’s not even an amusing cliche!


  2. Sylvia #

    @Pete: Debbie Gibson (or Debrah Gibson as she’s listed in the credits) reportedly loved making this movie and is up for doing sequels.


  3. Gab #

    300: It was sold to women as a chance for eye candy, and I saw it for that reason. I think the CGI-enhanced nature of said eye candy, however, lowered the value, and the rest of the movie just wasn’t really good enough to redeem it for me- so I didn’t like it much and have only watched it once. In fact, there have been a few times where there was nothing else on TV and I went and did something else rather than watch it again- and I’m the type that often will settle for something if only to wait for something else to start.

    …or octopoda.

    In defense of Star Trek, most of those hallway scenes (that I remember, at least) do involve walking from place to place, but the characters are talking to each other as they do it- so they actually have a very important role in plot advancement.

    HI!!!! Nope, I’m not back in Vegas yet, not until around Christmas.


  4. lee OTI Staff #

    I mentioned the Striking Viking Story Pirates during the show. If you’re in NYC or LA, be sure to check them out!



  5. fenzel #


    You know, I’ve always liked Debbie Gibson, and this settles it. Now I REALLY like Debbie Gibson.

    Debrah, sorry.


  6. Megan from Lombard #

    I can just hear the massive amounts of hate mail from the Christian people…having said that that part was my favorite ^-^

    also, couldn’t Mandy Moore be classified in the same catagory? She’s been in a few “Christian” movies and is a singer but hasn’t really popped up on any of the TMZ-esq tabloids.


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