Open Thread for August 14, 2009

Remember the Music: Les Paul and Woodstock.

It seems sacrilegious to note that the passing of Les Paul and the opening of Bandslam have been folded into the same news cycle. But here we are.

More interesting, I guess to note the opening of District 9. Here in LA, every other bus shelter and billboard has the “For Humans Only” logo up, and when I landed here 2 weeks ago, I was wondering what all the fuss is about. Turns out it’s about alien apartheid in South Africa. Go figure.

Oh, and Mad Men is back this Sunday. I’d be fascinated to hear what you, the Overthinking Street Team (I nearly wrote Overthinking Army, by analogy to KISS army… do you have a better name for this site’s readership? Probably. Leave it below!) think of that show.

Still, for deeper overthinking, we might turn to the legacy of Woodstock on this, its 40th anniversary (that’s the Ruby Anniversary, according to Miz Emily Post) and consider what 40 years of peace, love, and music has meant to us. Or to our parents.

18 Comments on “Open Thread for August 14, 2009”

  1. lee OTI Staff #

    It’s not a “street team” unless we give people poorly photocopied flyers and stickers to plaster the town with, no?

    “Army?” It’s Woodstock anniversary, dude. Make love, not war, man.

    Come to think of it, I don’t think I know of many websites whose collective readership goes by any particular name.

    I know we’ve called the writing team the “Overthinkers” on many occasions, but I don’t see why that can’t be applied to the readers as well.


  2. lee OTI Staff #

    Another topic: any Miyazaki fans out there going to see “Ponyo” this weekend?


  3. Gab #

    I’m a Nerdfighter:

    My blog is on the Ning created by the brothers.

    I agree, though, “street team” indicates going out and doing stuff like passing out buttons and bumper stickers. I was a Weezer Street Team-er a while back. Got any merch I could spam people with? ;p I can’t think of another name for your fans… Overthites? That sounds almost like “over-thighs”… nm

    Oh, and RE: Ponyo- Maybe, if I’m lucky.


  4. dock #

    District 9, guys. Defly worth seeing.


  5. Sillyweasel #

    I’m not sure there’s even a theater near me that’s playing Ponyo, but I will admit I haven’t checked, for the depressing reality that is I have no way of going to see it anyhow.


  6. Trevor #

    “Overthinkers Anonymous” might be apt, though a little misleading (the “anonymous” part suggests shame or at the very least remorse for the fact that we overthink).


  7. Schmoid #

    For myself, as a (very) occasional commentor and avid lurker of this site, I agree with the love-not-army sentiment above. Therefore, may I suggest that we are members of the:

    Overthinking It Collective

    It has a nice ring of Borg-like assimilation.

    Or maybe a nice, juicy collective pronoun will suffice:
    – A Culture of Overthinkers?
    – A Meme of Overthinkers?
    – An Earony of Overthinkers?

    Or is the pronoun something that would only apply to the writers not the readers?


  8. mlawski OTI Staff #

    @Schmoid: I like “a culture of overthinkers.” It reminds me of yogurt.


  9. sheely OTI Staff #

    Overthinking It Collective is the name of my improvisational noise side project that just crossed over to a larger mainstream audience.


  10. Gab #

    Oh, since we’re talking about advertising y’all (ish) (and not to be a nag): Banner?


  11. Matthew Wrather #

    What size banner do you want, Gab? I’m sure we could do one.

    Or you could just do a black field that says “Ceci n’est pas une banner” in a handwriting font and links to us.


  12. lee OTI Staff #

    @dock: be sure to check out this week’s podcast for our “District 9” discussion.


  13. Genevieve #

    If we’re making love, not war, then I vote for the Overthinking It Orgy. Just sayin’.


  14. Gab #

    ::laughs:: Oh, Wrather, you expect me to know/understand HTML? That’s funny, you slay me. (And I hope I didn’t sound snarky just now- it was meant to be the hysterical laughter of the absolutely helpless.)

    Sigh, in all seriousness, I guess by “size,” a banner would be big enough to span across a profile page. Perhaps the size of a YouTube embed but a little wider? And I think I know what the finished product of the “black field” thing would look like, if I’m interpreting you correctly (although I don’t speak French and trust you’re not being pervy- something about one banner?) (;p)- but alack, alas, no idea how to do that without some pre-fabricated thing I could copy-paste.

    @Genevieve: Wait, you think the fans should be called “Overthiking It Orgy,” or that there should BE an Overthinking It Orgy? Hmm. Maybe that could be’s personal Woodstock. You know, the “event.” Hmm, and hmm again.


  15. Saint #

    IMO it should be called “OverCon”.

    I don’t think I’ll ever be over con.


  16. Genevieve #

    Gab, I intended the first meaning… but I’m always up for a good orgy. Of course, if we were overthinking the orgy… wouldn’t that just be a bunch of people in a room reading the Kama Sutra? With one person in the corner reading the Song of Solomon instead, and blogging about religious freedom in sexual expression, and another researching the relative effectiveness of different brands of prophylactics, and one very frazzled person figuring out how to mic everyone for the podcast??


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