Open Thread for April 24, 2009

A great day at Overthinking It headquarters.


You could be as cool as this guy.

It’s a great day at OTIHQ. Thanks to a link from IMDb, the CLICHEMAGEDDON! contest is a great success. Our newsest OTI t-shirt, I say this as a Durkheimian, hit the internets today. And summer movie season is ramping up.

Not that we ever venture out of doors, with so many media experiences available on teh interwebz, but we’ve also heard it’s been warming up out there.

Though it will (spoiler alert) be the subject of our next Overthinking It Podcast, I wonder what movies you’re particularly looking forward to this summer?

Sound off. It’s the open thread.

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  1. Gab #

    Hopefully the boost from will help your numbers rise. ;)

    I’m particularly looking forward to _Brothers Bloom_, _Terminator_, and _Star Trek_. And _Wolverine_. Oh, and _Public Enemies_. And _Harry Potter_. And a number of rom-coms. Sigh. I agree with I think it was Lee, there are a lot of movies I want to see that I need to save up for. Drats.

    Given the penchant these beauty queens seem to have for giving really, REALLY stupid answers to questions, should they even be asked anything during the competitions? In the end, does what they say REALLY have any influence on the winner? Or maybe the questions should steer clear of anything that could get them into trouble?

    And now Obama is accused of flip-flopping. 100 days in next Wednesday. Dun dun DUUUUUUN.

    I can’t keep track of the number of different ad campaigns Geico has going. Is it three or four right now? They have the eyes, the lizard, and the cavemen. Am I missing any? I ask because I saw a new eye one last night. It got me to thinking, is it REALLY necessary for them to have that many going simultaneously?


  2. Trevor Seigler #

    I’m in a movie (sort of), a friend of mine did a short film as a final project for his film class (it’s called “Watergate: The Musical”), and I played Hnery Kissinger. It’s supposed to be like a bad exploitation flick from the Seventies, I doubt Oscar nominations will be handed out but it was incredibly fun to work on it. If it crops up on YouTube or anything like that, I would be stoked for everyone involved.

    Now, back to mere mortal things: Bea Arthur died, and like George Harrison before her she leaves the legacy of a legendary foursome in the hands of its two less-than-premier talents (granted, Sir Paul McCartney was once of the legendary songwriting team, yet to my mind he’s done little in the forty years since the Fab Four split to justify any classification as a great artist in his own right. I concede that I might be wrong, but I doubt it). Bea was the John Lennon to Sophia’s Macca, Rose’s Ringo, and Blanche’s Brian Epstein (in the sense that she was always pursuing young men, much like the Beatles’ legendary manager). Her shoulder pads and full-figured gowns symbolize the Eighties to me. Adios, Dorothy…


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