Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Supplement 2

The Overthinkers consider the season (and series?) finale of T:SCC.

Mark Lee, Jordan Stokes, and Matthew Wrather consider the season (and series?) finale of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Is this really the end? Is there no fate but what we make? Find out what you can do to bring T:SCC back for year three.

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3 Comments on “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Supplement 2”

  1. adaam_93 #

    I was under the impression that Cameron’s body didn’t go through time because some of her living tissue exterior was torn away during the preceding firefights, thusly her living exterior couldn’t act as a time travel “shell” for her machine innards.

    Although the implication that the chip gives her a soul, and thus makes her alive is an interesting idea. But wouldn’t that mean that Skynet could send “unskinned” Terminators through time too, since they have their chips, and their “souls” as well.

    As well, here is a great site that totally overthinks the time travel implications of the entire Terminator series, definitely some interesting stuff:



  2. lee OTI Staff #

    Thanks for the link adaam_93. My mind, which has asploeded many times over whilst overthinking Terminator time travel, has asploeded again.

    All, if you don’t want to read that long and complicated article, you should at least listen to the MIDI file that accompanies it:



  3. AlizarinCrimson #

    Alison Young (the body Cameron is based on) works with John (the silver bracelets) – the ship she’s on looked like an aircraft carrier.

    Good Skynet is in control of the T1000 that was on the sub. The Turk (John Henry) is on Cameron’s chip but with all of Cameron’s knowledge of the future (Skynet, John Connor, et al).

    You can’t kill Sarah, there’s no point – she’ll die by Judgment Day and that’s all that matters – it’s inevitable but only in the future.

    The idea that it wraps by giving John a family is interesting … but I too hope for more.

    The AV Club of the Onion makes sense (that’s the same idea that I had)… but it’s on hell of mindf***.

    The problem they’ll have with a new season is that Sarah and John are in separate time (… things …).

    Nice DnD end…


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