Open Thread for March 28, 2009

A slow entertainment news week.

You know it’s been a slow entertainment news week when Edward Cullen’s personal hygiene makes the front page of Google News. What else? Madonna is adopting another child. Zac Efron wants to be more than a teen heartthrob.

Slim pickins. (Slim Pickens.)

How about this—has anyone even been to a movie since Watchmen?

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  1. Gab #

    Obama said no to pot. I found his intro to the answer rather misleading- the way he kept reiterating how the question was the most popular one over and over again made it appear as though he was about to say yes because it’s what the American public seams to want or something.

    Speaking of drugs, _Dollhouse_ is getting more… intricate?

    Is anyone else watching _Castle_ or _Lost_?


  2. sarielthrawn #

    I just finished reading the Watchmen book.

    Am I the only one who thought the movie ending was better?

    Also, the Zohan movie is the most racist movie since King Kong.


  3. Trevor Seigler #

    I wouldn’t say the movie ending was better, but it worked within the context of the film because you didn’t have the whole pirate-comic-book angle worked into the film and thus the giant squid that kills everything wouldn’t have made any sense. The film might have been longer (and potentially unwieldy) with the intro of that plot element into the film, though I did like the book’s use of common everyday folks commenting on the action as a means of underscoring the reality of costumed superheroes and how they’d be viewed by a less than sympathetic public.

    I did see “Slumdog” last night, and loved it. There was a lot of news leading up to the Oscars about India being pissed as to how it was portrayed in the film (caste society and treatment of the poor, mostly). But you gotta be willing to take your lumps as a country when an artistic project seeks to show a side of life within your borders. God knows no one protested when Larry the Cable Guy set the South back a hundred fifty years (though maybe those of us living below the Mason-Dixon line should have, come to think of it). It’s a nice look at another side of India (and there’s a nice indictment of the overly “exoticized” notion of India that foreigners bring during the Taj Mahal sequence).


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