OTI Goes Sweding [Think Tank]

OTI Goes Sweding [Think Tank]

We reshoot some of our favorite movie scenes. Add yours!

We at Overthinking It thing that xtranormal is one of the coolest things we’ve seen online in a while. It lets you make any sort of text into a simple animated movie. Of course, we love movies, so what better way to kick off our use of xtranormal than with some of our favorite movie scenes, sweded Xtranormal style? Like this classic, from Good Will Hunting:

These are so much fun that we’ll probably make more – look for them in coming weeks. Got your own? Think you can do better? We want to see! Post them here in the comments, or email them to us (or to me: fenzel at overthinkingit.com), and we’ll show them off on the site.

Let’s get started!

Blinks, There Will Be Blood


Mlawski, Wall-E


Lee, Independence Day


Fenzel,  Blade Runner


Air Force One


Perich, Lawrence of Arabia


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  1. Rich #

    This is awesome! you should do some Clint Eastwood movies. They have lots of great lines.


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