Twittered Out by Oscar

Oscar Podcast delayed one day. Be strong.

Maybe I'll call in sick . . .Maybe I’ll call in sick . . .

Your loyal OTIers stayed up and livetwittered the Oscars last night. You know we love movies a heckuva lot, and it was a pretty special night. With musical numbers and stuff.

And a bunch of us also helped move one of our key contributors to a new apartment. [N.B. We didn’t actually help him, Pete. He hired moviers. But we were totes with him in spirit. —Ed.]

So, while we usually upload a fresh podcast on Monday morning for you all to enjoy at the top of a fresh week, it’s going to have to wait a day.

Because if we’re ever going to pull down that coveted Best Actress Oscar, we’re going to need our beauty sleep.

Here’s what we twittered. Is this self-indulgent? Maybe. But it was pretty entertaining—at least for us—and we hope you enjoy it too.

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  1. lee OTI Staff #

    The only thing that would have made Hugh Jackman’s intro sequence better would be at the end, when his hands were outstretched and raised, if Wolverine’s claws came out of his sleeves. THAT would have been freakin’ sweet.

    Also, since I can’t make the podcast tonight, I’m going to suggest topics here in the comments. You guys can chew these over during the show; also, readers should feel free to discuss here.

    Jokes at the expense of Tom Cruise/Scientology and Joaquin Phoenix. Cool or not cool?

    Was the drumline supposed to be a reference to the movie of the same name? If so, were they considering that to be a “musical”? If not, why the hell was there a drumline in that sequence?

    Homophobia in the Pineapple Express mini-film when John Franco puts his arm around Seth Rogan during the Milk gay montage (or is that gaytage?)


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