NY Comic-Con, Day 2: Costume Photo Gallery

NY Comic-Con, Day 2: Costume Photo Gallery

I knew there’d be costumes, but….wow.

[This continues our coverage of New York Comic-Con 2009]

No introductory text can do justice to the elaborate costumes of Comic-Con convention goers, so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

If there’s no caption, it means I couldn’t identify the character. Apparently, I’m only a level 4 geek, so help me out in the comments.

6 Comments on “NY Comic-Con, Day 2: Costume Photo Gallery”

  1. lauren r #

    Did Robot Chicken guy not go to the costume contest? Did you guys see Robot Chicken guy? He was amazing. He totally would’ve won.


  2. Jonathan #

    “Spider-something?” is definitely Spider-Woman; the one next to her is Mister Sinister from the X-Men series.
    “Bat…ah whatever” is probably Bat-Mite, and the one above him looks like Black Cat from the Spider-Man series.
    Underneath Captain America is Mary Marvel from DC, to the left of her is Solomon Grundy from Superman.
    “Jedi” is more specifically General Rahm Kota from the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

    I didn’t know the names of all them off the top of my head, lol, but they all looked familiar so I did some searching ;)


  3. lee OTI Staff #

    I should point out how impressive that Hulk outfit was. First of all, the guy was about 10 feet tall. There was some serious stilt mechanism inside which allowed to move pretty freely, even make a 2 ft vertical step from the floor to the stage. I seriously thought he was going to topple over.

    And his voice was amplified through a mic/speaker system.


  4. Carsten #

    I don’t know a lot about Star Wars, but I think the Boba Fett costume isn’t either of the two characters–I think it’s a generic soldier of the same planet as the Fetts.

    I think.


  5. Jonathan #

    Carsten, I agree, the armor’s neither green nor blue, so it’s probably just a generic Mandalorian ;)


  6. fenzel #

    The guy who “you don’t know who he was, but you liked him a lot” is Solomon Grundy, the zombie who fights Superman.

    With all the zombie enthusiasm on the site, I’m surprised he wasn’t immediately glossed for you :-)


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