One Year of Overthinking It

We’re a year old today. Thank you for Overthinking It with us!

At the beginning of 2008, I went around to the smartest, funniest guys I knew and asked if they wanted to start a website. The first post on Overthinking It went live a year ago today.

In our first year, we published, on average, just over one post every day. We’ve served you 994,676 pageviews (and we probably crossed a million today, our 366th day of operation). We’ve crashed our hosting company’s servers at least four times, started a podcast, designed some really funny overthought t-shirts, redesigned the site, started making videos, and generally subjected the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn’t deserve.

Somewhere in there we found our voice, and we found incredible, loyal, brilliant readers who are every bit the opinionated, quirky, funny pop-culture idiot savants that we are.

You’ve probably seen our top posts of 2008 (thought there are two more that would make the list today).

How will we celebrate? Well, to start with, you will notice a few design tweaks today, aimed at making the site clearer and easier to navigate. There are more of those, as well as the official unveiling of our new mascot, Otis, on the way. We’ve got a few ideas for new kinds of posts and projects in the works. And we’re looking for ways to involve you, our visitors, more—so please send along comments and suggestions.

Thanks for visiting, reading, commenting. We hope you’ve had as great a year as we have. The next one is going to be even better.

6 Comments on “One Year of Overthinking It”

  1. Swirthe #

    Happy overthinking it anniversary!

    Also if you’d just waited a couple more days to start, you could have merged these celebrations with chinese new year and therefore claimed that all of china was celebrating the one year anniversary of this magnificent blog.
    But never mind.

    Looking forward to some fantastically overthought articles in this year of the ox.


  2. Gab #


    Otis is great. Who designed him?


  3. fenzel #

    Frank Gehry

    By which I mean David “Frank Gehry” Shechner


  4. shechner OTI Staff #

    @Fenzel –

    I’d asked you NOT to use my prison nickname outside of the Big House.

    …The Big House made out of corrugated aluminum held at unworkably oblique angles, slapped together with inadequate building materials. Gehry, you’re a genius!


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