Episode 24: A Map of Los Angeles

The Overthinkers and special guest wrap up Karate Kid week with some final thoughts on the classic film.

Matthew Wrather hosts a panel including Matthew Belinkie, Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, David Shechner, and special guest “Al” to wrap up Karate Kid Week, including:

  • A final word on the racial message of The Karate Kid
  • An extremely detailed look at LA’s San Fernando Valley
  • The 1987 Ford Tempo
  • Digressions into Barbie, Spaceballs, and Winnebagoes
  • Some more about the geography of Los Angeles
  • The Coming Remake (reboot? travesty?) of The Karate Kid

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One Comment on “Episode 24: A Map of Los Angeles”

  1. Steven Chandler #

    Love the podcast. Spent 10 years in Long Beach. And loved all the areas and the culture. Had a Cuban girlfriend from Covina. Got to know the immigrant culture that arrived during the boat lift. It was interesting.


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