Episode 22: DIY Naked News

The Overthinkers tackle Turkey Day and the Farkization of mainstream news.

Matt Wrather hosts a panel including Matthew Belinkie, Mark Lee, and David Shechner to overthink:

  • (James Bond voice) “Monsanto. We Meet Again.”
  • Pump Action Loader? I just met ‘er!
  • The Farkization of news
  • …and more!

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One Comment on “Episode 22: DIY Naked News”

  1. Gab #

    The purpose of a coming out party was to say to the wealthy bachelors in the area that the girl in question was of marriageable age. It served as a match-making party for her and any of her single friends that were present. Read/watch _Little Women_ (the 1994 version, which starred Christian Bale, OOOOH SNAP!) for the stuff about Annie/Sally Moffat’s coming out party.

    With regards to the news-for-profit thing and India specifically: I think you’re all forgetting that there are some people that really do want up-to-the-minute information about crisis situations like that out of a genuine concern for society as a whole. Privately owned news outlets like CNN have shareholders that need a profit, so the ones making decisions on coverage play to both st00pid general public by sensationalizing the topics the highly concerned citizens are interested in, thereby pulling both demographics in. For me, the sensationalization of important events sometimes gets ridiculous, but I’d rather get informed somehow than remain totally uninformed.

    And let me ask you this: Would you have been so sick of the coverage if it was taking place in the U.S.? Did you get (or are you still) sick of the steady coverage of the sinking economy?


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