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Milkshake etymology

Milkshake etymology

Interesting article in USA Today (of all places) delving into the There Will Be Blood milkshake line: [Director P. T.] Anderson concedes that he’s puzzled by the phenomenon — particularly because the lines came straight from a transcript he found … Continued

Dey Know Yayo

Dey Know Yayo

I know this isn’t news: Anyone who really pays attention to hip-hop probably knows about the new Clipse mixtape already. But hey, we all have busy schedules. So just consider this a friendly reminder to download We Got It 4 … Continued

Oscar Week: There Will Be Spoilers

Oscar Week: There Will Be Spoilers

Finally, presumptive Oscar® winner There Will Be Blood. Belinkie Cobbling is apparently amazing acting training. Also, there will be mustache wax. Best bowling alley scene since Lebowski. Damn right, it’s better than yours. Stokes There Will Be Blood. No, really. … Continued

Guys in Green Shirts

Guys in Green Shirts

Okay, sorry for my time away sports fans. Let’s pick up where we left off. In the last two posts, I’ve discussed the inversion at the heart of sports movies — how the screen serves as a window and a … Continued