Prostitution on Overthinking It

Annals of Advertising

Annals of Advertising

In 1965, the Hearst newspapers in San Francisco refused to print movie advertisements containing the words “cuties, flesh-a-scope, girlie, homosexual, immorality, lesbian, lust, naked, nothing on, nudies, nudist camp, nymphs, pervert, professional girls, prostitute, rape, scanty panties, seduce, skin-a-scope, sex, … Continued

It begins!!

It begins!!

Skyrocketing food prices cause riots on three continents. (via CNN) I told you this was bad news. Didn’t I tell you? Yeah, I told you. I’m not saying it’s time to start stockpiling spam and twinkies against the apocalypse… there’s … Continued

Episode 4: Pubic Servant

Episode 4: Pubic Servant

All Episodes Subscribe in iTunes Belinkie, Wrather, and Fenzel analyze presidential and gubernatorial sex scandals throughout American history, touching on Eliot Spitzer and “Kristen” (Ashley Alexandra Dupré), Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Hugh Grant and a cut rate Sunset Blvd. … Continued