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The Immaculate Half-Century

The Immaculate Half-Century

Madonna turns 50 today. Enjoy Like a Prayer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKMHtcZ7dAQ Madonna is the paragon a kind of pop music that I enjoy (only semi-ironically) far more, I imagine, than my fellow writers on the blog. But despite the many (younger and … Continued

I'm cheating on you

I’m cheating on you

I’m a two-blog man now. As some of you know, I write and produce Hotnewz.tv, the best darn news show for college kids on the web. We recently started a blog where we talk about some of our favorite segments. … Continued

World Idol

World Idol

On Saturday, the finals of Eurovision 2008 will take place in Belgrade. This mother of all talent shows has been organized by the European Broadcasting Union every year since 1956. Each European nation gets to send one singer or band, … Continued