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Thursday Grammar: Begging The Question

Thursday Grammar: Begging The Question

The phrase “begs the question” does not mean “raises the question.” “Beg the question” means “engage in circular reasoning” (within a single syllogism), or, more precisely, “assume the truth of the proposition you purport to be proving.” For example, the … Continued

Thursday Grammar: Nonplussed

Thursday Grammar: Nonplussed

I don’t know what people are thinking when the use the word “nonplussed” to mean the opposite of “moved” or “impressed”. Maybe that those things are “plusses” and the person is not any of them. The word “nonplussed” means “surprised”, … Continued

Thursday Grammar: Short Lived

Thursday Grammar: Short Lived

[I have lately been noticing more and more of the most appalling errors in English grammar and usage. And not just from the president. Maybe I’m getting old and curmudgeonly. So that you are spared the embarrassment of the most … Continued

Batman vs. the Batman

Batman vs. the Batman

Wow… the Batman! Or is it just “Batman?” Uh, your choice, of course! – Selina Kyle, Batman Returns The future Catwoman has a good question. Sure, the movie titles always refer to the guy as plain old “Batman.” But he … Continued