i can has the batmanz?: Introducing the Overthinking It LOLjoker Contest

UPDATE: See the first round of loljokerz.

How do you revive an old meme without beating a dead… cat? Why, by linking it to a very, very live meme, of course! Although we’ve spent all week breaking down all of the manifold philosophical/social/political implications of The Dark Knight, there’s no need for us to always be so serious. In the spirit of lightening things up a bit, we’re pleased to announce the very first Overthinking It reader contest.

Think you can beat our loljoker and Fenzel’s graphics? Send your submissions to sheely AT overthinkingit DOT com!

Confused? It is this simple:

  1. Find a picture of the Joker- any picture will do, whether it is Heath, Jack, or from the comics.
  2. Add a lolcaption. Those who are photoshop/microsoft draw impaired or who need some inspiration can go straight to the source for some help.
  3. Send your image to sheely at overthinkingit dot com and let us know how you want it to be attributed (real name/nickname/pseudonym).

We’ll start posting submissions as they start rolling in. The winner will be selected by the overthinkingit team. To one grand prize winner, we’ll give away a vintage Batman/Joker t-shirt and a guest appearance on our next podcast. (OTI staffers are ineligible to win the t-shirt, but you can bet we’ll submit our own LOLjokers.) Deadline for submissions is Midnight EDT on Sunday August 3. Submit as many LOLjokers as you can dream up!