Episode 778: Press F to Gouge Your Eyes Out

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we tackle video-game related slang: why it exists, how it’s special, and why we think consistent definitions can be so elusive.

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Peter Fenzel and Mark Lee overthink video game slang as emergent phenomena, starting with a stroll through the many meanings of “cheese” that starts in 1992 and ends, predictably, in the Ardennes Forest. Plus, we’re big mad about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and “Is Paul Phoenix’s new Karen haircut a buff or nerf?”

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CORRECTION: In this podcast we described Paul Phoenix from the Tekken series wearing a karate gi. We should have mentioned this is a secondary costume; his primary is generally a biker outfit with a skull and crossbones or the American flag on it, depending. Overthinking It regrets the error. Also, 1 v 1 me bro.

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