Episode 661: It’s Almost Like Herman’s Head

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we stream Point Break, starring Gary Busey and co-starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves.

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Peter Fenzel and Matthew Wrather make two related observations: HBO Max has some good old movies on it! And one of them is Point Break. These two observations lead directly to this episode, where we stream the movie for overthinking and find an artifact stranger, more provocative, and more blessed with the divine uniqueness of Gary Busey than Pete remembered or Matt expected.

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One Comment on “Episode 661: It’s Almost Like Herman’s Head”

  1. John C Member #

    I’m not at all familiar with the movie, but I do like the idea of just replacing Hans Zimmerman with an inkjet printer in a bathroom.

    Oh, and Mark Isham’s most famous recent work was probably the soundtrack to Disney’s “Once upon a Time” series, which was…probably more than most seasons deserved. He’s pretty versatile.


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