Episode 586: Lady Edith Hops in Her Bentley Because She’s BALLIN’!

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we tackle the “Downton Abbey” movie, a film much much better than it strictly had to be.

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Peter Fenzel and Matthew Wrather make ready the great house for the King and Queen’s visit as they overthink the Downton Abbey movie.

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One Comment on “Episode 586: Lady Edith Hops in Her Bentley Because She’s BALLIN’!”

  1. John C Member #

    I’ve admittedly never watched the show, but the “God is a monarchist” comment strikes me as particularly interesting, since divinity has always been sort of baked into the concept of monarchy, justifying absolute rule by either claiming that the monarch is a god or that God has anointed that family. And we all know the origins of the Church of England.
    Obviously, this is less relevant to people in modern times, but there’s still a surprising number of eschatological conspiracy theories (not to be confused with scatological conspi…actually, no, they’re probably similarly applicable terms in this context) that hinge on the legitimacy of the British crown and which specific European royal dynasties are in their history. It’s wonderfully weird stuff somehow obsessed (for the last few decades) with fingering Prince Charles as the anti-Christ.
    The revisionism also interests me, since I recall a lot of fiction in the ’80s trying to show history as a happy, inclusive place. It’s one of those things that doesn’t sit well, and I’m surprised to see it still happening in a fairly significant property.


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