Episode 581: In America, Slipknot is Funny

On the Overthikning It Podcast we tackle about “Blinded by the Light,” in which a Pakistani boy growing up outside London discovers Bruce Springsteen.

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Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather strap their hands across the engines of Blinded by the Light, a coming-of-age film fantasia based on the memoir about Sarfraz Manzoor about growing up in a Pakistani family in Margaret Thatcher’s England.

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One Comment on “Episode 581: In America, Slipknot is Funny”

  1. John C Member #

    This is obviously a minor point of the episode, but as a Long Islander, I feel like the big cultural difference between Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel is that people in New Jersey actually think of Springsteen as the big name he is, whereas Long Island (especially around towns he has frequented) thinks of Joel as a local act and we’re shocked that anybody outside of the area knows who he is, because almost everybody has a story about him trying to get them to recognize him…
    More directly related to the movie, I wonder how many of those “I used to be an outcast, but now I fit in” stories are from actual experience, versus wishful thinking that people ever fit in. Seems like the healthiest people I know are the people who assume that everybody’s an outcast and that’s FINE.


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