Episode 548: The Real Signs Are The Paper Ones

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we tackle signs, branding, navigation, and visual culture.

Peter Fenzel and Matthew Wrather read the signs of the times. They sing Auld Lang Sign. They print out a sign in comic sans. They drive on the interstate. They wonder if capitalism is truly “late.” They find their way on the highway and borrow a book from the diner.

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One Comment on “Episode 548: The Real Signs Are The Paper Ones”

  1. John C Member #

    Someone might be interested that Red Hat (yes, the Linux company) once sponsored the creation of the Overpass font based on the FWHA “Highway Gothic” standards. Y’know, in case someone needs to post paper signs on the local interstate and want them to be mostly compliant, I guess.

    Haven’t been to a Friendly’s in years, though. I believe it’s the only place I’ve ever eaten where a waiter tried to talk someone out of a custom order because of what it might look like after it was served. If nothing else, that probably should’ve been a sign that they weren’t going to be as popular…


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