Episode 535: Screen Practice

The Overthinkers tackle Fall TV, whether Fall TV is still a thing, and what even is TV anyway. (Is YouTube TV?)

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6 Comments on “Episode 535: Screen Practice”

  1. Margo Gesser #

    I loved Television Without Pity. There was something satisfying about reading the recap of something you just watched, like M.Giant’s snarky 24 recaps. Example from memory: In the Day 8 episode wherein Jack slits a suspects intestines in order to retrieve a sim card, M. Giant writes:

    “Kiefer shows guts. Not all of them his.”

    You may be interested that TVWoP’s spiritual successor is previously.tv.

    Some have attributed the invention of the Binge Watch to the advent of 24 on DVD. Because I never turn down an opportunity to mention 24.

    I miss DVD commentaries and special features in general.


  2. Peter Fenzel OTI Staff #

    Also after this podcast was released I heard that news that a show I am actually excited about is coming back next week! It’s always a nice surprise, because I never have any idea whether it is canceled at the the end of any given season.

    It’s Bitchin’ Rides on the Velocity Channel, which I tend to purchase on Google Play. Check it out if you like banter, welding, design, earnest good-natured people and American Muscle:



  3. John C #

    For a brief time, it looked like YouTube might replace television for fiction that didn’t fit any of the networks, with the rise of the cheap-to-produce webseries. But other than a couple of stragglers (Aiden 5 recently finished its story with crowdfunding help and Emma Approved is trying to work its way back with a script not based on Jane Austen’s work), that area seems crowded out by the non-narrative shows and work clearly there as a revenue stream.

    Definitely seconding on American Vandal and Bojack Horseman (which were both great), by the way, and the latter points to probably the only upcoming premieres that I’m excited for, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s fourth and final season and (also mentioned) the Good Place’s in-progress third season. A lot of the other shows look unfortunately look like just more of the same. That’s “fine” in some cases, boring or disappointing in others.

    Syfy also has that George R.R. Martin space-horror show coming. None of that sounds like my cup of tea, but sounds like it’d overlap the interest of a lot of the Overthinking It crew and audience. Nightflyers? Something like that.

    The season does bring some stress, though, because a lot of my time wandering away from the television or catching up on old shows kind of dries up.

    Speaking of Television without Pity and jumping back to YouTube, though, I wonder if a lack of history with the site is what leads to such hatred heaped on (for example) CinemaSins, taking their comments so seriously when it’s explicitly a comedy routine. But, then, I remember someone discovering that even those Pity recaps weren’t always quite aligned. I believe the specifics were a Gilmore Girls recap, where it wasn’t so much snark as pointing out how “cute” everybody was…


  4. John C #

    Oh, right. And I want to see whatever happens with Timeless. Amazing show that’s been hobbled by getting canceled…what, three times in two seasons, was it? Hopefully they’ll get an opportunity for a fourth cancellation at some point, even if it’s just a TV movie.


  5. Joseph Member #

    If Mark’s favorite TV show is Instagram stories of dogs, then I guess that makes my favorite TV show “Vine compilations on YouTube”. I never really figured Vine out back before Twitter killed it, but YouTube has proven Vine’s six-second format to be a remixable treasure trove of comedy. The endless looping of single vines is gone, but stringing dozens of them together at a time somehow turns it into an even more snackable version of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

    Speaking of which, why is THAT still on the air???

    (I’ve been slow to catch up with the show recently, so hopefully I don’t make a habit of commenting on episodes three weeks late, then hearing my comments read on the show three weeks late.)


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