Episode 304: 30-Something Sunday Vibes

On the TFT Podcast we listen to and discuss “Emergency & I” (1999) by The Dismemberment Plan.

Ryan, Matt, and Rachel D consider The Dismemberment Plan’s *Emergency & I* (1999), an album about which Pitchfork wrote, “If you consider yourself a fan of groundbreaking pop, go out and buy this album right now. Now. Get up. Go.”


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Syllabus: The Dismemberment Plan, Emergency & I

One Comment on “Episode 304: 30-Something Sunday Vibes”

  1. JHaas #

    First, I had a pretty meta-TFT moment, in which I went jogging to the podcast. Second, Ryan, I really thought my call out after last week was to answer the question, “Is Travis Morrison a Muppet?” The answer is of course a qualified ‘yes’ in that he is a really lovely dude in person, but has a kind of Kermit the Frog stage persona. As for the time signature, that’s not my strongest suit, but I think it might 7/8 in the verse and 4/4 in the chorus to stabilize things with some clever syncopation to make it still feel of a piece. Like I said, I am no time signature wizard though.


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