The Sorcerer’s Cypher — A Harry Potter Party Rap

Watch the Harry Potter-inspired party rap the world needs right now. All the wizards in the house, throw your wands in the air!

“I’ve got more umbrage than Dolores.”

That message, typed by Peter Fenzel into an Overthinking It chat room, made us think, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a 90s party rap where every lyric was a reference to Harry Potter?” And that’s all it takes to get the OTI Crew to represent. Line by line, verse by verse, “The Sorcerer’s Cypher” took shape.

It might have ended there, were it not for The Notorious W.I.Z. and Huffle-Puff Daddy who created the actual track, and Overthinking It video producer Matthew Belinkie who animated the lyric video you see.

Please enjoy, and please share with everyone in the wizarding community!

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Umbridge like Dolores, skeet like Rita
Flow like a Bertie Bott Bean but Sweeter
Trix like Bella, getting that strange
Weez like Ron, hitting that grange

In the streets I run it like Oliver Wood
In the sheets, I’m like Luna: Love Good
Not dead like Ced, but I stay humble
Can you Diggory? All my doors dumble.

All you sucker wizards with hands all maimed:
“Yo, who did that?” “He must not be named.”
Tough like Goyle, tough like Crabbe
“Expelliarmus!” Jab-Cross-Jab

Dark arts defense: mysterious
My crew like Black: dead Sirius.
Golden snitches? Nah, we never tell
Rhyme immortal like a Peverell

Don’t call her Nymphadora, she goes by Tonks
Chill like Brooklyn, rough like the Bronx
Crew see I just get nothin for free
Cruciatus got nothin on me

Potions and Hallows: we made ’em. we own ’em.
Doe in the bank like Expecto Patronum
Hog wild style, dress robes ‘stead of tuxes
Whole soul patrol, we don’t love them horcruxes

Prefect’s bathroom perfect for bonin’
I’m a Nimbus 2000, she’s Myrtle—moanin’
Slither like a Slytherin into the hood
“I solemnly swear I am up to no good”

Willin’ like a willow, I’ma womp a fool
You can call me Hogwarts; I’m the oldest school
Engorgio to the Lumos Max
Let’s make Fantastic Beasts with two backs

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