R.I.P. Juicero, 2016-2017

With apologies to Percy Bysshe Shelley.

In Episode 460 of the Overthinking It Podcast, we squeezed mightily at the bag of discourse surrounding the Juicero and actually found some compelling justification for spending $400 on a juicer that produced the same results as squeezing a juice packet by hand.

Well, it turns out that the rest of the world did not share in our thinking. Juicero has effectively shut down its operations, which include sales of the Internet-connected juicing machine and subscriptions to its special juice packets. This particular manifestation of late capitalism was too good for this world, apparently. So in fond memory of this phenomenon, and as a tribute to everyone out there with more money than common sense, we present this cartoon for your enjoyment.

(Best enjoyed with a glass of cold-pressed, organic, cruelty-free juice, of course.)

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  1. Stokes OTI Staff #

    I know that the ads I get served on this site are largely a product of my own browser history, but I’m tickled that for this post I got a faux-buzzfeed list of “ten foods to throw out” and an offer for an in-home Tandoori oven.

    “It’s called Tandooro, and it comes with proprietary squeezable tikka-masala pouches.”


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