Episode 467: The Thing You Can’t Reboot is Tom Cruise

This week’s Overthinking It Podcast is an argument for the Oxford Comma: We talk about monsters, Tom Cruise and Katy Perry.

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Matthew Wrather started Overthinking It in 2008 with his smartest, funniest friends, and has hosted over 500 hours of podcasts on the site. An LA native, he is an actor and computer programmer, but has worked as a writer, tower bell-ringer, birthday party clown, poet, janitor, and call center manager. He also has a Twitter and a Tumblr.

One Comment on “Episode 467: The Thing You Can’t Reboot is Tom Cruise”

  1. jamie #

    I’m surprised you didn’t bring up the Showtime show Penny Dreadful (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penny_Dreadful_(TV_series)) as an example of the amalgamated universe of movie monsters. That one includes vampires (including Dracula), witches, Dorian Grey, Doctor Frankenstein, his monster, his monster’s bride, and werewolves.


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