Episode 266: The Sorrows of Young Halsey

On the TFT Podcast we listen to the just-released sophomore album from unlikely superstar Halsey, “hopeless fountain kingdom.”

Ryan, Rachel, and Matt find something to appreciate about Halsey’s hopeless fountain kingdom, even outside the notional spin studio of the mind.


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Syllabus: Halsey, hopeless fountain kingdom


3 Comments on “Episode 266: The Sorrows of Young Halsey”

  1. Josie #

    So so haven’t commented in a long time despite having something to say about nearly every episode because I keep feeling like I should listen to the entire album and epsidoe before I say anything, and by then I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say.

    So when I saw you were going to talk Halsey I decided I should jump in early because somehow she has managed to be a guilty pleasure even though I don’t believe in them, and also at about 15 minutes in this episode is already feels like a fun throwback to an earlier era of the podcast.

    I actually encountered her first as a Tumblr personality, but her music on a Pandora station that I listen to at work based on some former TFT artists (I think CHVRCHES was the inital seed) – and she stood out because the song from Badlands that came on was “Strange Love” , which memorably features metrically important “fuck”s both in its second line and in its big pop hook. That actually still felt novel in a song that otherwise sounds as commercial as it does – but also of course made me think of this podcast.


    • Amanda OTI Staff #

      Welcome back!
      And feel free to comment anytime :)

      (I never listened to any Halsey! Not sure if I should be admitting this here…)


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