Episode 457: How Can We Not Talk about Family When Family’s All That We Got?

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we prepare for the coming of F8 by discussing the topic of family: How they come together, stay together, and drive cars off buildings together.

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Pete and Matt join forces for one of their Storied® two-handers, and they can barely contain their excitement the F8 that is coming for all of us.

In an episode that considers the idea of family from many angles, the guys issue a challenge: Let’s serve up next week’s podcast family style.

Send an email or a voice memo to [email protected] or use (203) 285–6401 to text or leave a voicemail (nobody will answer!) and answer one of these questions:

  • What does family even mean in the FF universe anymore?
  • What does the Overthinking It Family mean to you? What does it mean that you’re a part of it?
  • What is an unusual family that you happent to be a part of?
  • What is one ritual or practice you’ve been involved in that cements family membership or continuity?

We’ll include at least some of your contributions on Episode 458.

And don’t forget: Pick up a copy of The Overview: The Fast and the Furious to revisit where it all began.

One Comment on “Episode 457: How Can We Not Talk about Family When Family’s All That We Got?”

  1. Jay #


    I found this study from 2013 that suggests your dominant hand is a result of genetic

    On the point of “the poet affirmeth not, therefore lieth not” I think it can be analysed from the point of the grand CGI set pieces in the Furious franchise, in the sense that even though we know it’s not actually happening, our enjoyment is heightened by the attempt to “affirm” Point being, global audiences would complain and flock to the film less, if it had terrible CGI or bad practical effects. If we know it’s not happening, why is there the expectation for them to affirm “the lie”?
    And the answer is a part of wants to be lied to, because the metaphors and symbols that the visual spectacle affirmeth, are ennobled by the stakes in the lie seeming ” real”. And real in the context of although physics defying, being convincing at the display of defiance.
    So, affirming this lie or the attempt to affirm, is a channel by which the symbolic truths or values are communicated to us more effectively. And it’s our innate expectation as an audience, for the poet to tell us as much a convincing lie to us as possible, within the context of the established rules of that film universe.


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