Episode 446: They Look Like Clocks and Candles but They Can Actually Sing and Dance

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we determine whether life has a purpose. Or not.

Peter Fenzel and Matthew Wrather consider what it means to live with purpose, and end up talking mostly about Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

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3 Comments on “Episode 446: They Look Like Clocks and Candles but They Can Actually Sing and Dance”

  1. Lucas #

    Pete, your comments at the beginning of the episode made me want to ask you – which involves greater arrogance:
    1.To believe/accept that life’s purpose, even purpose of all of existence, is given and knowable (and, in fact, known) because it has been divinely revealed – i.e. the position of revealed faith(s)
    2.To believe/accept that one, through one’s own actions or narrativising, creates purpose and in fact imbues existence with meaning? i.e. the position of atheistic materialism(s)


  2. Lucas #

    Ok I’m basically live blogging as I listen, but I was astounded to hear your formulations about ‘what the purpose of Christianity is’. It is neither to bring about the Kingdom of God (God, in Christ, has inaugurated and opened the kingdom himself because humanity is not able) nor to treat others with love (though that is laudable and in fact commanded by Christ), rather the purpose of life according to Christianity is to ‘glorify God and enjoy Him forever’ and the purpose of Christianity is to show why God is worth glorifying and enjoying, and how we can achieve our purpose by taking hold of Christ and all his benefits.


  3. Fred Firestine #

    Thanks for a thought-provoking discussion. You made me laugh and reconsider the Caddyshack gopher as Loki, and the idea of Tom Hiddleston with a wire leading to explosives in his butt. “Don’t mind this, it’s just doctor’s orders!”


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