Episode 442: Success Has Many Darth Vaders; Failure is an Orphan

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we tackle Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The rogue squadron of Ben Adams, Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather assemble to overthink Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We wonder who exactly the one rogue of the title is, learn about the instability of both the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Bureaucracy, and wonder what has changed and what has stayed the same in the Force, in family drama, and in the ethical character of the Star Wars universe.

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3 Comments on “Episode 442: Success Has Many Darth Vaders; Failure is an Orphan”

  1. jmasoncooper #

    Thanks for bringing up the wartime parallels. I watched footage of people in Syria trying to escape Assad’s forces, literally called ‘rebels,’ being hemmed in during the day and then that night watched Rogue One, so all the insurgent stuff on the first planet felt super contextually relevant. Also the idea that rebels do morally gray things and hope for the best is really the bread and butter of revolutions. Thanks to all of you. I hope to hear more next week!


  2. clayschuldt #

    Great podcast guys, I am looking forward to the next installment.
    Early in the discussion when you guys were talking about the call sign it was mentioned that title could be a play on the film being different from the other franchise. I remember reading an interview before the film was released that this is true. The title Rouge One is a reference that this is the first film to “go rouge” from the franchise.


  3. Margo #

    Yes, please do a podcast or other offering on CTU directors.


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