Episode 429: “I consider it to be one of the best shows on television. I’m a crazy person.”

On the Overthinking It Podcast we tackle the highly fragmented Television landscape, and we try to figure out what would make the Emmy awards interesting.

Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather talk about what they’re watching now, why the Emmy awards isn’t as good as your average football game, and what “reality” even means, man.

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9 Comments on “Episode 429: “I consider it to be one of the best shows on television. I’m a crazy person.””

  1. Coughin ed #

    I was sure weather would bring up one my favorite examples of a tv celebrity all star competition: Hollywoo Stars and Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things?? Let’s Find Out!


  2. Rich #

    I love the way Wrather’s voice drips with disdain for network television. It sounds like he wants to say it he is above it all.


  3. DeanMoriarty #

    Imma let you finish, but BoJack Horseman is the best television show on the air right now.
    No, seriously, though. I can’t wait until we start talking about it on this site. I think it does a lot of the things that we overthinkers are fond of. It really does take seriously and wrestle with pop culture’s effects on the world and people’s lives. I also think that some of it’s best comedy comes from overthinking its own ‘animal people’ premise and instead of merely hand-waving away all the weirdness that comes from it, mining the questions and nitpicks, and weirdness that comes from it for humor. The Becca episode in Season 2, for example is a great, if disturbing, answer for the Goofy vs. Pluto conundrum.
    Anyway, I just wanted to sound off about how much I love this show and how happy I am that it’s finally starting to get the attention it deserves.


  4. Justin Mohareb #

    Listening to Wrather describe how remarkable it was that BH made him laugh out loud I imagine him sitting in his luxuriously appointed tv room watching a comedy and occasionally remarking “yes, this is funny.”


    • An Inside Joke #

      I can’t speak for Wrather, but I’m not a very expressive person and I rarely laugh out loud at anything. When I say (and this is true) binging a season of Bojack Horseman will lead me to chortle aloud once or twice per season, this is incredibly high praise, although it may sound like a criticism.


  5. cat #

    So I have access to Netflix and HBO but I don’t watch them (besides Last Week Tonight). I find myself a very low commitment TV viewer lately. I’m favoring shows that are more episodic or at least light enough for me to not be invested and just binge watch a couple of episodes on a week I’m not that busy. Often it’s luck about which shows I remember to DVR. I was watching UnReal over the summer but now I’m watching lighter stuff like Younger and Drunk History. I also keep up with Colbert and James Corden with a lot of fast-forwarding.

    I need to find some good new shows because Agent Carter got cancelled and iZombie isn’t coming back for a few months. Happily Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will be back soon.

    The other development is that since I’ve so far been unwilling to pay for a hulu subscription, I’m missing a lot of shows because I used to rely on hulu to watch them.


  6. cat #

    I didn’t love Galavant. I think Glenn Slater is trying to ruin Alan Menken and I found a lot of the show quite lazy. And I was recapping it at the time which didn’t make it any more enjoyable.

    I do love the Carol Burnett show. I wish more of it was available.


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