Episode 225: A Failure of Social Institutions as Represented by the Recess Lady

On the TFT Podcast, we listen to and discuss Pearl Jam’s debut album, “Ten.”

pearl-jam-ten-coverMatt is joined by Pete and Mark to discuss what makes grunge grunge, how Pearl Jam destoryed their early fame, and what exactly Eddie Vedder was so mad at.

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4 Comments on “Episode 225: A Failure of Social Institutions as Represented by the Recess Lady”

  1. Rambler #

    If Ten is the anti-HungerGames…. is Temple of the Dog the Anti-Hunger Games or the Hunger anti-Games?

    TFT Listener question:
    Is there usually a large gap or a small gap between coverage of music you actually listen to?

    {This week represents the first time there has been back to back episodes covering “Music I personally listen to”.
    The biggest gap has been from London Calling (128) to War (172). }


  2. Rich #

    I was a college DJ when this album came out in 1991. Right before it broke I had a guy call my show every week and request Mother Love Bone. This is am album that got a ton of play on my college radio station.

    I think you should have dung into the title of the album a little


    As a young man of 19 I felt like the young man in the song. Now I feel the young man, who is angry at his mother does not understand the life his mother lived. He is oblivious of the dangers she faced in the relationship with his birth father. That relationship was either one of abuse, substance abuse, or some other danger.

    At the end of the song she is happy she is still alive. The boy ask “Oh, and do I deserve to be? Is that the question? And if so, if so, who answers? Who answers?” The mother sings the last chorus. She is the one who is proud she survived.

    I… I’m still alive
    Hey I… But, I’m still alive
    Hey I… Boy, I’m still alive
    Hey I… Oh, I’m still alive. Yeah
    Ooh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Oh. Ooh


    • Peter Fenzel OTI Staff #

      I had a whole bunch of info on Mookie Blaylock queued up, but, unfortunately, there was never time to get #10 into the mix. :-)


  3. Rich #

    I guess I have to span Vs. to make this work. The second song on Vs. animal starts:

    One, two, three, four, five against one
    Five, five, five against one

    Quoting this, a college professor put the idea in my head. that five against one is not Pearl Jam v. one person, but a fist v. a person.

    Ten could be the two hand in a fist
    Ten could be the number of fists in Pearl Jam.
    Ten vs. (the world in terms of the first two albums)

    Just overthinking.


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