Episode 423: Wherever You Harley, There You Quinn

On the Overthinking It Podcast we tackle the high and low points of Suicide Squad, starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie: Deadshot, the Joker, even Captain Boomerang! And, of course, everyone’s favorite manufactured controversy, Harley Quinn.

Peter Fenzel, Ryan Sheely, Matthew Wrather, and special guest Eric Frieden actually got together in person to go to a movie theater and see Suicide Squad. Then they ate an enormous BBQ dinner and sat down to podcast about the film, its relation to the comic books, the frenetic nonsense of its plot, the highs and low points of the characterization of Deadshot, the Joker, Amanda Waller, and Harley Quinn (and, not for nothing, big fans of Captain Boomerang over here), and what it has to say about the present moment in filmmaking and in society.

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One Comment on “Episode 423: Wherever You Harley, There You Quinn”

  1. Chimalpahin #

    Another fun podcast, love the new commentator. OTi always has the finest foremost experts on!

    Fenzel! Slipknot was played by Adam FREAKIN’ Beach! He’s fantabulous. Sadly DC decided to off the only natives on the group, not happy. (http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2016/08/11/boom-8-must-see-films-suicide-squad-actor-adam-beach-165439)
    Y’all really should watch Smoke Signals 1998 :D and to further entice you Windtalkers to see Ghostrider Cage and Slipknot Beach team up!

    I wanted to talk about SHak- I mean Enchantress. I think I’m the only one who actually liked her. Well the concept rather than the execution. Maybe it’s because I finally got to read Miracleman but I liked the idea of her becoming the Enchantress being dangerous and a detriment to her. It would’ve been beneficial to have seen more of June Moon to get to know her before her possession by Shakira.

    One thing that bothered me was the changing of her origin, not in an upset comic book fan way but in the why would you do that? Why tie her to Anahuac but make her a witch? It was even more annoying because *SPOILER ALERT, I GUESS*
    after they confront her El Diablo becomes a fiery Aztec/Mexica dancer but no mention is made of their common origins! It’s very vexing to see more native culture just used and not even explored.

    Also guys Central America =/= South America/Peru. Not the same despite the efforts of the Spanish.


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