Episode 222: Sexy Whispering and Scary Screaming

On the TFT Podcast, we listen to and discuss the Pixies’ “Doolittle.”

Ryan and Rachel are joined by DJ Bean to discuss Doolittle by Pixies.

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D.J. BeanDJ Bean is a guest on Overthinking It Podcast 372.

D J Bean is a sportswriter and pop culture enthusiast. Check him out on WEEI and on Twitter @dj_bean.

Syllabus: Pixies, Doolittle

One Comment on “Episode 222: Sexy Whispering and Scary Screaming”

  1. cat #

    I really wish I’d heard any of the things you were talking about when I listened to this album. I’d hoped I’d like it even a fraction as much as everyone on the podcast does but I generally connect to songs on lyrics or vocals and this didn’t reach me on either level. It just kind of washed over me. I could not tell you what most of these songs were about.


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