Episode 416: Animating the Octopus

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we consider Finding Dory and end up talking about memory, birthdays, and the epic showdown between I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched.

Peter Fenzel and Matthew Wrather discuss Epic Showdowns, from the NBA finals to Game of Thrones‘s Battle of the Bastards to Brexit to Bewitched vs. I Dream of Jeannie, and discuss cultural appropriation, Pixar’s Finding Dory, the fallibility of memory, aging, why people think funereal birthday cards are funny, and the idea of a November Rain-ian construct.

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Update: As we were recording, John Oliver was broadcasting this:

One Comment on “Episode 416: Animating the Octopus”

  1. Chimalpahin #

    I’m so late to reply on this one :( Sorry, well here we go!

    Fenzel! I flip my facedown monster, DARK MAGICIAN GIRL!

    TO go down a wikipedian rabbit hole Bewitched not only has Jeannie licked in the States but also in Japan where it was also huge, it was called Oku-sama wa Majo (“My Wife is a Witch”).

    Thus it was the origin of the Magical Girl genre that led up to Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh’s Dark Magician Girl!

    Quite a pedigree, eh? Take that Jeannie!


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