Episode 409: Full On Point Break Terminal Velocity Maximum Overdrive

The Overthinkers tackle the urgent “Purple Rain Cover” situation and take stock of Key & Peele’s new movie.

In this episode, noted commentators Fenzel & Wrather take on the work of noted comedians Key & Peele, in a conversation about race, masculinity, code-switching, and whether we should just let popcorn movies be popcorn movies. (Spoiler alert: hell no!) We also weigh in on who should cover Prince.

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3 Comments on “Episode 409: Full On Point Break Terminal Velocity Maximum Overdrive”

  1. yellojkt Member #

    Perhaps we need some sort of comprehensive catalog of all the Prince tributes. My contribution to the list is that Helen Mirren wore to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner a purple dress and had a purple Prince TAFKAP glyph temporarily tattooed to her upper bosom.

    You cannot make-up that sort of stuff. People just wouldn’t find it plausible.


  2. Mark Lee OTI Staff #

    I just wanted to point out that we keep coming back to this idea of Disney animatronic machines replacing musicians who are either dead or past their prime. The previous instance was in our discussion of the Guns ‘n’ Roses reunion tour.

    Along these lines, I’d suggest that Hatsune Miku (the Japanese computer-generated pop star) perform an epic cover of Purple Rain:


    Given Prince’s complicated relationship with technology, I find this to be equal parts appropriate and sacrilegious.


  3. Adrian #

    In addition to John Wick, there was also a bit of Django Unchained wrapped up in their going into enemy territory under assumed identities to try to purchase the cat that had replaced Rell’s girlfriend. Not Keanu Reeves related, but related to some of the movie’s other themes for sure.

    Is Clarence really the less interesting character? I identified much more strongly with him, but then I am also someone who talks like Richard Pryor doing an impression of a white guy, who doesn’t know how to act in a strip club.

    Also, all this talk about the Chuck-E-Cheese band playing Purple Rain, but no one mentions that the Rock-afire Explosion was actually in Keanu??


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