Eurovision 2016: Belgium and Spain

Hello A-natural, welcome to the party!

At Overthinking It, we try not to focus one what’s good or bad about a particular piece of pop culture. Instead, we look for what’s interesting and worthy of discussion. We try to approach every Eurovision song as anthropologists, musicologists, and late night TV writers, looking for loose threads we can tug at to give you fresh perspective.

But some songs, we can’t resist dancing along to. Belgium is one of those songs. They’re picked up the Guy Sebastian funk torch from last year and run with it. And not only is it danceable, but it also inspired us to create two videos of harmonic analysis. (Please feel free to debates sevenths versus elevenths in the comments below.)

Another song we have genuine affection for is “Say Yay!” from Spain. As you might expect from the title, the lyrics are dumb as hell. The live performance was pretty lackluster. But the production on the studio version is top notch, and the music video has real charm. We’re looking forward to seeing Barei do that shuffley dance live, assuming her ankles hold up.

And on the subject of songs we have genuine affection for, I liked Switzerland’s song “The Last of Our Kind” enough to expand my Star Wars: The Force Awakens montage:

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  1. An Inside Joke #

    A lot of correction videos this year. Be honest: is this an elaborate troll job to drive views to the easier-to-produce apology videos?


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      You think they’re easier to produce? I have to turn my computer a whole 45 degrees!


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