Episode 197: Birth of a Rhythm Nation

On the TFT Podcast, we listen to and discuss Janet Jackson’s “Control.”

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3 Comments on “Episode 197: Birth of a Rhythm Nation”

  1. Stokes OTI Staff #

    I’m just going to leave this here, because it’s awesome:

    Kate Beaton


  2. Stokes OTI Staff #

    p.s. re: you guys’s notion that “Nasty” is a reaction to street harassment that’s somehow preferable to the current vogue for “shaming things out of existence” and “progressive name-calling” is good as far as it goes, but you are basically arguing that the proper response to bullying is just to BE JANET JACKSON. I’m not totally sure that’s generalizable.


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      No my first name ain’t “you guys”
      It’s Theory… Mr. For Turntables if you’re nasty.


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