Episode 196: The Drum is The Instrument of Love

On the TFT Podcast we listen to and discuss Phil Collins’s “No Jacket Required.”

Ryan, Matt, and Pete listen to and discuss Phil Collins’s No Jacket Required.

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2 Comments on “Episode 196: The Drum is The Instrument of Love”

  1. Chris #

    Not related to this episode at all, I just wanted to suggest that TFT should return to TV for a bit to examine Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, that musical about those fucking teenagers grown up and trying to find meaning and happiness in their late 20’s.


  2. Pad Gam #

    the thing about compression, is, it’s incredibly wearing on the ears after a few minutes, something you may wish to think about when recording podcasts.

    loudness and speaking at 200 words per minute doesn’t make you sound any better, or give gravitas to the contents. embarrasing

    pad gam?


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