Episode 194: Arrr, The Sea Hounds of Love be Hunting Me

On the TFT Podcast, Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love.”

Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love.

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Syllabus: Kate Bush, Hounds of Love

5 Comments on “Episode 194: Arrr, The Sea Hounds of Love be Hunting Me”

  1. Random #

    What you call the Demon Voice is actually the Holy Voice. It is the voice of the Inquisitor. It’s also only in Waking the Witch so you may have given it more importance than it deserved.


    • Ryan Sheely OTI Staff #

      Good point. It stands out so much that it is easy to fixate on it, but you are right, it isn’t overdone.


  2. Josie M. #

    Hi, sorry for my long absence from the comments. It’s been a hectic few months, but I have been listening. And I’m back, with a question for you: Is Kate Bush – with her album-side-length song suites, and her perfroming with members of Pink Floyd – is she prog rock?


    • Ryan Sheely OTI Staff #

      I had been thinking about this a bit. My answer? A contingent yes (OBVI).

      I’d argue that she is prog pop, kind of putting her in an ancestral lineage maybe with Genesis stretching backwards and bands like the Fiery Furnaces stretching forwards. We may or may talk more about this topic in Episode 196. Won’t give anything away, but let’s just say that a jacket won’t be required to listen to that episode.

      Welcome back! You’ve been missed.


  3. Agam Neiman #

    This album is strong stuff. Yet while the dominant research has pointed to the strong psychoactive effects of “Running Up That Hill,” certain blind studies have suggested a comparable effect induced by a placebo.


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