Episode 393 with Jonathan Kite: Be the Thing that You Claim to Be

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we talk with Jonathan Kite about the two kinds of sitcoms, why economics matters to 2 Broke Girls, about the role of the audience in live performance, and about the hardest thing about acting (balancing all the plates).

Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matt Wrather talk with actor Jonathan Kite, well-known for playing Oleg on 2 Broke Girls, about sitcoms, stand-up, and the craft of acting.

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Our Guest

Actor Jonathan Kite from CBS TV's 2 Broke Girls appears on the Overthinking It Podcast.Our guest Overthinker Jonathan Kite is a classically-trained actor, stand-up comedian, and master impressionist. He is well-known the world over as “Oleg” on the CBS sitcom Two Broke Girls.

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