Episode 188: The Oldest Established Permanent Floating Pride Week

On the TFT Podcast, we listen to Peaches’ “Rub” and talk about music, protest, sex, and performance art.

Peaches's Rub on the TFT PodcastMatt is joined by Jordan and Amanda; they listen to and discuss Peaches’s Rub.

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Syllabus: Peaches, Rub

One Comment on “Episode 188: The Oldest Established Permanent Floating Pride Week”

  1. Peter Tupper #

    To extend the analogy of the “sex sphere”, the sexuality depicted in the “Rub” video occupies a volume of the sphere that is seldom explored in modern culture, even in pornography. Autonomous female sexuality, especially when enacted by female bodies that do not conform to certain standards of appearance, completely freak out certain people. Even people who might be okay with lesbian sex are uncomfortable with lesbian sex that is public and non-monogamous. Add in fetishes involving bodily fluids (i.e. urination) and a transwoman (Danni Daniels) and you have a work so far out of the well-policed volumes of the sex sphere that it is guaranteed to confound and alienate most people.

    The Youtube comments attached to the video were instructive (if disenheartening). One strain of comments were variations on, “I managed to masturbate to this.” Presumably posted by heterosexual men, the only way they can relate to this work is as bad pornography (“bad” in that it isn’t very good at arousing them).

    Another were arguing that this is perverse, and not the way women and/or lesbians should be acting, which carries with it normative claims about what female and/or lesbian sexuality should be like.

    Peaches truly is a masterful provocateur, and that is an artistic accomplishment in itself.


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