Episode 166: Run the Pageants

Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss Kacey Musgraves’s “Pageant Material.”

Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss Kacey Musgraves’s Pageant Material.

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4 Comments on “Episode 166: Run the Pageants”

  1. Coughin' Ed #

    hart crane’s response to biscuits:

    “The mind has shown itself at times
    Too much the baked and labeled dough
    Divided by accepted multitudes.
    Across the stacked partitions of the day—
    Across the memoranda, baseball scores,
    The stenographic smiles and stock quotations
    Smutty wings flash out equivocations.”


  2. Yep #

    Contrast comparisons were made with Iggy Azalea and other rap artists, who is the equivalent comparison?


  3. cat #

    Yay! Another album I’ve listened to.

    So I think about this from time to time when I’m listening to country albums and trying to sort them out into Spotify playlists. Does having an accent… a bit of country twang, make an artist a country artist? No, right? But without the accent, I’d classify a lot of current country music more in the pop or folk/singer songwriter categories. To me, listening to the music and not considering the subject matter, Kacey’s sound is more like early Priscilla Ahn and folk and singer songwriter music than traditional country. It’s not just the strength of her vocals. To me she’s notably less country than Emmylou Harris or Loretta Lynn.


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