Episode 155: Glorious Pop Revolution

Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Ryan and Matt listen to and discuss Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


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One Comment on “Episode 155: Glorious Pop Revolution”

  1. Chris Morgan #

    Oh good, you ended this quarter and are going to get back to contemporary music in time to discuss Courtney Barnett’s article before it gets too stale. You will discuss that album, I assume. I mean, you aren’t monsters.

    I do agree with Thriller being a good end point for this section, not just due to its quintessence, but due to the shockwaves that did indeed emanate upon its release. Plus, in its own way, Thriller sort of made Weird Al Yankovic, because it’s really “Eat It,” and the music video for that song, that brought him to prominence.

    “Beat It” super holds up too. “Thriller” always struck me as goofy, though. Not just the music video. Not just the Vincent Price rap, which is really a concept after my own heart. It’s just a pretty cheesy, clumsy song in total, lyrically, musically, and so on.


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