Episode 154: Martians Among Us

Ryan, Matt, and Rachel D. listen to and discuss Misfits’ “Walk Among Us.”

Matt, Ryan, and Rachel D. listen to and discuss Misfits’ Walk Among Us.


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Glenn Danzig and Misfits

2 Comments on “Episode 154: Martians Among Us”

  1. Chris Morgan #

    It’s funny how you say The Misfits are less serious than other Satanic type bands, because the vast majority of Satanism is not serious.

    Glenn Danzig used to live in a house that looked like a Halloween haunted house all year long, but apparently he’s moved because it became too well known that the house that looked like Glenn Danzig lived in it did, in fact, have Glenn Danzig living in it.

    I have not seen Going Clear. Some of us are too busy binge watching Frasier, a show Scientologists would surely hate.


  2. Chris Morgan #

    Hey man, you know what “Vampira” is about? It’s about Vampira, the original glamour ghoul. The end.


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