Eurovision 2015: Czech Republic Review

“Hope Never Dies,” but maybe it should.

We decided to kick off the reviews with a look at the Czech Republic for two reasons. First, they are rejoining the competition after a five year break, so that’s exciting! And second, they are almost certainly not going to make the finals, so they’re a good warm up.

This review was already getting long, so I didn’t even comment on the music video’s odd decision to put certain key words from the lyrics up onscreen. PAIN. DARK. LOVE. FIRE. Do not try and teach your toddler to read via the “Hope Never Dies” music video, unless you want them to think that a sleeveless tuxedo jacket and scarf is an acceptable fashion choice.

By the way, if this review leaves you nostalgic for Sheryl Crow, here’s the whole “Tomorrow Never Dies” video.

And here’s another song “Hope Never Dies” reminds me of.

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3 Comments on “Eurovision 2015: Czech Republic Review”

  1. Mark Lee OTI Staff #

    Wow, Vaclav’s doing an amazing Chad Kroeger impression in this song. Which is…better than the gypsy thing, I suppose, but that’s not saying much.


  2. petrlesy #

    Oh wow, thanks for letting me know my country actually has an entry this year. Here in Czech Republic the Eurovision is for some reason not a thing. But at least when we sent the “scantily clad girl” and some people were crying about the embarassment, but this year = zero.


  3. Vaclav #

    Pronounced “VAHTS-lahf”.


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