Episode 351: The Baggage and The Glory

The Overthinkers tackle the filmmaking process, the relationship between artist and audience, and what makes someone watchable, along with guest Eugene Kotlyarenko.

otip-logo-podcastoneMatthew Belinkie, Peter Fenzel, and Matthew Wrather are joined by guest Eugene Kotlyarenko to discuss the filmmaking process, the relationship between artist and audience, and what makes someone watchable.


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Our Guest: Eugene Kotlyarenko

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7 Comments on “Episode 351: The Baggage and The Glory”

  1. Margo #

    I nominate Patrick Stewart for Watchable Actor. As Captain Picard he had the task of making an impossibly virtuous person interesting. In a few episodes of ST:TNG he actually managed to be something of an **shole, not an easy task considering most of the writing.


  2. Redem #

    Will there be a TFT episode about the rise and fall of glee :D


  3. Andrew #

    I just want to commend Wrather for holding off so long before giving in to the ultimately irresistible drive to mention the Donkey F-ing Conundrum.


  4. Chimalpahin #

    Y’all have a very different relationship with instagram than I do. I just use it to post silly pictures or linguistic geekery.


    • Josie M. #

      Yeah, I feel like the concept of social media as success theater tends to be one that applies largely to people who came to it as adults with fully formed identities and a sense of what they wanted to share (and what they really, really don’t.) Those of us who grew up airing our dirty laundry on LiveJournal, or who used it to find a community outside of ourselves where we could understand our marginalized identities, or just those of us for whom it was always in the background of our lives – I don’t think we necessarily view it as competitively as you seem to.


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